QLab Producer Remote

As lockdowns took hold at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, live events that would normally have taken place in person began moving online. We were approached by a private client, requesting a bespoke solution to a new, covid era challenge. How can you effectively take questions from a large, virtual audience? The client was displaying video graphics using QLab, and needed a way for their producer to remotely update the on-screen graphics with new text. Innovate Audio created QLab Producer Remote to solve this problem. Our software connects directly to QLab over the OSC protocol. Once connected, the user can cue up audience questions, and then transmit them on demand to the connected QLab workspace.

Our client is now able to live stream their presentations to tens of thousands of people around the world, and take questions from the audience in an elegant and controlled fashion, all with the help of QLab Producer Remote.

See a screenshot of the software in use