Our Team

Daniel Higgott

Daniel Higgott is a software developer and sound engineer. He has worked in live audio for over 15 years, and has a career spanning theatre, music and live events. He has worked as a sound operator, mixing major west end musicals and touring productions. Daniel has also worked as a sound designer, programmer and associate sound designer for a variety of companies.

Daniel is an experienced macOS and iOS software developer. Through his work with Innovate Audio, his software is installed on over 10,000 devices world wide. Daniel specialises in software for the live events industries, and enjoys being able to use his own software tools alongside his work in live audio.

Daniel has twin toddlers, and when he’s not working he loves being able to spend time with them, and watch them grow up.

Oscar Higgott

Oscar Higgott is a physicist specialising in quantum computing, which uses quantum mechanical phenomena to solve certain problems that are beyond the reach of conventional computers.

At Innovate Audio, Oscar works on the graphics and panning algorithm for panLab.

In his spare time, Oscar enjoys baking, running and photography, as well as making pointless gadgets with a Raspberry Pi.