Introducing panLab 2

A spatial audio mixing solution, built to work seamlessly with QLab.

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What is panLab 2?

panLab 2 is a powerful spatial audio mixing solution, designed to integrate seamlessly with QLab.

Using panLab 2, you can intuitively mix QLab Audio and Mic cues by positioning them on a virtual map of your sound system.

It shouldn't have to be complicated to get started with spatial audio mixing. We've designed panLab 2 to be so simple to setup that you'll be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Better still, as panLab 2 stores all the required output level information within your existing QLab cues, it isn't necessary to run panLab 2 during actual performances, only whilst you are programming your audio. That means that panLab 2 is a spatial audio mixing solution that doesn't add a single extra piece of hardware, or software, to your sound system.

Watch the trailer

We've put together a short trailer, demonstrating some of the unique features offered by panLab 2. Check out how easy it is to integrate panLab 2 into your QLab workflow.

What People Say

panLab has been used by some of the world's top theatrical sound designers, from Broadway to the West End.
We are very proud of the feedback we have received so far.

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I have been incredibly impressed with panLab. It allows me to create complex surround sound panning sequences, such as the motorbike roaring round the auditorium in 'Bat Out Of Hell', without any additional third party hardware.

Gareth Owen - Eight-time Tony and Olivier winning and nominated sound designer.
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Having used Soundscape, I feel that panLab 2 can run alongside it for dynamic panning of all QLab sources whilst Soundscape takes care of the live sources. panLab 2 is an excellent tool and it will accompany me on all my sound designs from now on.

Avgoustos Psillas - Lead Sound Designer,
Audio Craft Scandinavia
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For years, I’ve been manipulating sounds around outputs the old fashioned way, using multiple time and level cues. panLab has given me automated control in a user friendly program. Totally brilliant and a game changer.

Tom Marshall - Freelance Sound Designer, Amelie, Sunset Blvd, The Colour Purple, The Boy In The Dress

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