panLab Console FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive from customers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to get in touch using the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

Which mixing consoles are supported?

panLab Console currently supports:

  • DiGiCo SD Series
  • DiGiCo Quantum Series
  • Yamaha QL Series
  • Yamaha CL Series
  • Yamaha DM7 Series
  • Yamaha Rivage Series
  • Yamaha DME7 Processor
  • QRC Q-SYS Cores
  • Behringer X32 Series
  • Behringer X-Air Series
  • Midas M32 Series

More consoles will be added in future updates. To request a console to support, please email

Does panLab Console process any audio?

No, panLab Console does not directly process any audio. Therefore you do not need to include the Mac running panLab Console in your audio signal flow.

Instead, panLab Console applies our amplitude based panning algorithm directly to console channel to mix or matrix send levels.

How does panLab Console connect to my mixing desk?

panLab Console connects to mixing desks over the local area network. We use the bespoke grammar developed by console manufacturers to update mix buss send levels on the console.

The communication protocol we use for connection varies depending on the device we are connecting to.

How does panLab Console licensing work?

Working offline in panLab Console is always free. Whilst working offline you can access all functionality, and you are completely free to build your show file.

A licence is required to connect to a mixing console and output level based data.

We currently offer two licenses, Essentials and Ultimate.

The Essentials Licence supports 16 Sources and 16 Speakers. Ultimate Licences do not limit any functionality, with Source and Speaker counts only limited by the size of the connected console.

Both Essentials and Ultimate licence types are perpetual licenses, meaning you pay once and gain access to the software forever.

How many licence seats are supported?

The Essentials licence offers a single licence seat, the Ultimate licence offers two licence seats.

Licence seats can easily be moved between computers from within the app.

Do you support Subscriptions?

We hope to offer a subscription option in the near future, which we believe will be suitable for shorter production runs.

We will always offer an option to purchase a perpetual licence to those who prefer them.

Can I try panLab Console for free?

Absolutely, you can download panLab Console for free from this website.

panLab Console is always free to use offline. Additionally, you will be provided with a 7-day free trial of our Ultimate licence, allowing you to test the performance of panLab Console before purchasing a licence.

Are educational and bulk purchasing options available?

Of course! Please get in touch with us at to discuss educational or bulk purchasing discounts.

If we haven’t answered your question here, please feel free to contact us using our contact form.