panLab Console

Spatial audio with hardware you already own.

A 3D Spatial Audio Panner for the QL1.QL5.CL1.CL3.CL5.Rivage.M32.X32.

A 3D Spatial Audio Panner for your console.

panLab Console is a macOS app that adds spatial audio capabilities to a range of digital mixing consoles.

With panLab Console you can achieve an object-based audio workflow, whilst utilising hardware you already own.

Mixer Input and Output Channels become objects on the panner. Our amplitude based spatial algorithm updates mix buss send levels in realtime.

Simple 5-minute setup

Spatial Audio doesn’t need to be complicated. With panLab Console, you can design a 3D spatial audio environment and deploy it in under 5 minutes.

This is game-changing, because it makes spatial audio accessible to a wide range of productions where time constraints alone make deploying traditional solutions impossible.

Object Automation

Automate the movement of objects with Sequences and Snapshots.

Sequences allow you to create complex trajectories for individual objects. Speed and position data is recorded, allowing for precise recall of object movements.

Snapshots store position and level data for all objects on the panner. Snapshots can be recalled from a cue stack, with all objects animating over a set duration.

Work Offline

Build your panLab Console file offline, and save valuable time when you get to the venue. You can layout your spatial environment, assign channels to objects and build Snapshots and Sequences, all whilst working offline.

Offline design work does not require a licence, so enjoy full access to the panLab Console feature set, for free.

Seamless Integration

panLab Console supports external control via OSC, MIDI and Timecode. So whether you want to move objects via OSC, trigger Snapshots from MTC or fire off Sequences via MIDI, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our documentation for our OSC dictionary and MIDI spec.

Ambitions and Limitations

Our ambition is to completely reinvent how engineers and designers interact with mixing consoles.

All current live audio mixing consoles are stuck in a ‘channel-based’ mixing paradigm. panLab Console changes that, enabling a hybrid workflow where users can choose to spatialise some inputs and outputs as objects. This allows the user to take advantage of an ‘object-based’ audio workflow, whenever it suits them.

panLab Console can only be as powerful as the hardware it is connected to. Every time an object is moved within panLab Console, our software needs to send hundreds of commands over the network, in order to smoothly adjust input to output send levels.

We support a wide range of consoles, and some of these can process control data faster than others. The console’s capacity to process control data can also be affected by user actions such as recalling scenes and using tablets as remote controllers.

We don’t put any hard and fast limits on the number of objects that can be automated at any one time. Instead, we have created a table that details the results of our testing.

Please take advantage of the 7-day free trial, to test your implementation. You can contact us at anytime to discuss your use-case in greater detail.


Working offline is always free, connecting to a console requires a licence.

panLab Console Essentials


One time purchase

Work with up to 16 Sources and 16 Speakers, connect to any supported console.

Own panLab Console Essentials forever with this perpetual licence

What’s Included
  • Spatialise up to 16 mono Sources and 16 Speakers
  • 8 Derived Outputs
  • Remote Control via OSC, MIDI and Timecode
  • Connect to all supported consoles
  • Multichannel Sources

  • Support for trackers
  • One licence seat

Most popular

panLab Console Ultimate


One time purchase

The ultimate licence. Access the full feature set, forever.

Own panLab Console Ultimate forever with this perpetual licence.

What’s Included
  • Spatialise as many Sources and Speakers as your console can handle
  • 8 Derived Outputs

  • Remote Control via OSC, MIDI and Timecode
  • Connect to all supported consoles
  • Multichannel Sources

  • Support for trackers (Coming Soon!)
  • Two licence seats

More Information

Compare Essentials and Ultimate licenses with this handy table

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Find out more about panLab Console by reading our great documentation