The Audio Toolbox


An iOS app designed for Live Sound Engineers. Eight great features, all built into a single app.


Eight handy tools, one app.

QLab Control

Connect to any QLab workspace on your network, browse Cue Lists, start and stop cues

Delay Times

Calculate delay times in meters or feet, outputs time in milliseconds

Time Calculator

Add, subtract, multiply or divide multiple times together. Now supports time in video frames and milliseconds

Angle Recorder

Utilise your phone’s gyroscope to measure and record angles. Perfect for matching the angle of multiple loudspeakers

MIDI Tester

Reads out all incoming MIDI messages on screen. Works with physical interfaces as well as Bluetooth and WiFi


Six fully customisable MIDI Pads. Send MIDI from a physical interface or over Bluetooth and WiFI

RF Toolbox

Calculate aerial length and transmission channel


Plays a transient click through the iPhone’s audio outputs. Designed for speaker time alignment