Innovate Audio is pleased to announce the release of panLab Console v.1.2.

With this update panLab Console now adds spatial audio rendering capabilities to flexible architecture processors. This means you can render 3D spatial audio directly on a Q-SYS Core, or the new Yamaha Pro Audio DME7.

This update opens up panLab Console to entire new markets, such as immersive installations, where mixing consoles are not typically deployed. It also offers the possibility for designers and engineers to deploy panLab Console in a more traditional spatial workflow, where the rendering takes place on external hardware.

We’ve also added support for the new Yamaha DM7 and DM7 Compact mixing consoles. Taken together, we now support 24 different models of mixing consoles and processors.

Version 1.2 additionally adds support for receiving ADM-OSC. We support all stable OSC addresses within this standard. This includes positioning objects using both polar and cartesian coordinate systems.

Finally, we’ve added an ‘Output Rate’ control for each Source, giving you more control over how often panLab Console updates the connected hardware with level updates.

If you already have a copy of panLab Console installed, head to ‘Check for Updates’. If not, you can download the software for free by following this link.