Innovate Audio today announces the release of panLab Console 1.1.0. This major update to the software offers a complete overhaul of the OSC Dictionary, with many more properties are now addressable via OSC. panLab Console now supports bi-directional communication via OSC, providing updates to third party clients such as Touch OSC.

In addition to this powerful new OSC functionality, version 1.1.0 adds multiple enhancements to its MIDI remote control interface. It is now possible to Map almost all object properties to musical MIDI messages using an easy-to-use graphical interface. This enables new creative possibilities. For example, incoming MIDI note numbers could be mapped to the height axis of an object. The higher the pitch of the MIDI note, the higher the object on the panner.

Finally, version 1.1.0 adds support for the Yamaha Rivage DSP-R10, the first of a raft of new consoles we will be adding support for over the coming months.

This update lays the groundwork for work on future projects, including a VST plugin. We look forward to announcing progress on these developments in the near future.