panLab 2 Spatial Audio Mixing at Theatre Royal Stratford East

Renowned producing house Theatre Royal Stratford East has recently added spatial audio mixing processor panLab 2 to their audio inventory. The historic venue, led by Artistic Director Nadia Fall, is a leading East London theatre and civic hub.
Jeremy George runs the Sound Department at the venue and has been instrumental in upgrading the theatres facilities to embrace spatial audio.
“I’m delighted to have recently added panLab 2 to our show-control system” writes George. “To be able to have a true spatial audio solution that doesn’t require any extra equipment, or any extra software to be running during the show, is pretty extraordinary. The fact that it’s easy to use, program, and understand – that’s icing on the cake!
Having recently upgraded our surround system to be individual L/R side & rear pairs on every level, along with some extra speakers pointing at our rather shiny (and therefore sonically bouncy!) roof, I can’t wait to hear what the system can do. 
It’s always my aim to increase our offer to Sound Designers, and panLab 2 is a massive jump forward in both ‘traditional surround sound’ (helicopters, screeching cars, creepy-sounding disfigured 19th Century Parisians etc), and truly multi-channel spatial audio – which is something that designers are wanting to implement more and more.
I was lucky enough to see and use the original panLab, and then to host the Innovate Audio team for some software development at our theatre during the creation of panLab 2, and from the first time I heard what it could do, I knew that it was genuinely a step-change for our industry.
Bring on the arriving trains/screeching cars/over-flying planes!”