panLab 2 - QLab Spatial Audio Mixing at Electric Avenue

panLab 2 has provided spatial audio processing capabilities at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. Pioneering event production company Starlight Design deployed the software in the brand new ‘Electric Avenue – The Road to 2030’ installation. 

Electric Avenue – The Road to 2030 is a new interactive home for electric mobility at the iconic automotive event. The major new attraction has been designed to encourage a lasting legacy of positive change by enabling visitors to explore the electric way of life; a space where they can ask questions of the experts, inspect the latest EVs and learn about the benefits associated with switching to electric.
The installation is spread across three marquees and features sound design by Jon Higson and Nick Lodge. All three marquees were driven by the same QLab Workspace, with Lodge and Higson creating a panLab Map for each space. This allowed the designers to create bespoke spatial audio enviroments for each marquee, without having to utilise multiple panLab files or QLab Workspaces.
‘panlab 2 was fundamental in helping create the immersive experience at Electric Avenue’, writes Lodge. ‘We were able to quickly and intuitively position sounds around the marquees to create the soundscape. We could then create Sequences to manipulate and move spot effects. It was a really fun process, and it allowed us to work in a visual and creative way, whilst panLab 2 dealt with all the fade and time cues in QLab.’