We thought you might be interested to hear about our plans for the future.

We created panLab because we saw an unmet need in the market for a truly accessible spatial audio solution. We wanted our users to be able to create and deploy a spatial audio environment in minutes.

We designed our solution to integrate seamlessly with QLab because it aligned with our goals, and provided a great solution for pre-recorded audio.

Our blindspot at the moment is live sound, and we want to address that.

We are working on a new product which we are currently calling panLab:Console. This piece of software will apply our bespoke spatial audio algorithm directly to mixing consoles. Here’s a video of a prototype controlling a Yamaha QL1:

3D Panner

We would also love for our users to be able to work in 3D. We are currently prototyping a new 3D user interface, and we are working on upgrading our algorithm to handle the height axis. Here’s a video of an early prototype of this new UI:

Talk to us!

We would love to hear from you. Now is the time to help shape the development of this product. Drop us a line using the contact form to start a conversation, let us know how you see yourself using panLab:Console in the future, and what features you might like to see included. We would love to hear from you!