Hi there, it’s Dan from Innovate Audio.

I’m here to share an exclusive sneak peek at the progress we’ve been making with our new product, panLab Console.

It’s always thrilling to have a new product in development, but we’re especially excited about panLab Console. The software will turn (almost) any digital audio console into a spatial audio renderer. We think it could be game-changing.

In the development process, our starting point has been panLab 3, with its established bespoke algorithm and user interface. By working from the solid base of our existing software, we’ve been able to make a flying start with panLab Console. That’s definitely not always a given in software development!

We embarked on panLab Console with a few known challenges:

  • Manage the connection between panLab Console and a digital mixing desk.
  • Match objects on the panner with mixer inputs and outputs.
  • Create automation functionality including snapshots and trajectories.
  • Allow automation to be recalled remotely via OSC, MIDI and Timecode inputs.
  • Transform our algorithm and UI to work in 3D, rather than 2D.

We are tackling the list in that order. Here’s a sneak peek at our progress so far:

Console Connection

Where panLab 3 just connected to QLab, panLab Console needs to connect with multiple audio consoles. So the codebase is now more modular, allowing us to swap in logic specific to a console brand. The work on this has been done. We’ve prototyped connections to Yamaha consoles. Adding connectivity with other brands should be straightforward.


We have made some really good progress adding Snapshot functionality to panLab Console. This is an entirely new feature, as panLab 3 didn’t require any automation, as QLab handled it all. We’ve now developed the basic functionality, as you can see from the video below.

A screen recording of panLab Console automating the movement of objects on the panner.

So that’s where we are. What do you think so far?

All the work we’ve already done needs a lot of refinement, and we still have some features to add. We already have a globally recognised music venue interested in using this software for a forthcoming project.

This week we’ve also booked a stand at PLASA 2023 this September – nothing like a deadline to focus our software development! We’d love to see some friendly faces there too.

We are not quite ready for beta testers yet, but we will need some help soon. If you’re interested, click the button below.